Insider Art: The arts, psychotherapy, health, community and livelihood.
We hope you’ll find something useful, beautiful or informative here, whether or not it is what you were looking for.
 Insider Art  aimed, from its beginning in 2001 in Exeter, Devon, UK, until today, has worked to bridge the arts and mental health.
The directors, (Malcolm Learmonth and Karen Huckvale), are Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registered Art Psychotherapists, have many years’ experience of training, supervision, group, mentoring and therapeutic work in NHS, Social Services, charitable, community and educational contexts. We are full members of the British Association of Art Therapists. You can read brief CV’s here
‘As an HCPC-registered professional you can display the HCPC registration logo as a clear sign that you meet our standards. It provides reassurance and differentiates you from non-regulated professionals.’  HCPC
'Only Art Therapists who have registered with BAAT and gained registration from the HCPC can be known to be practising the standards we, as a professional body, uphold. '
 We offer individual, (and sometimes group) art psychotherapy, with fees on a sliding scale. For some brief notes about our approaches click here: ML/ KH. KH also has a thriving supervision and mentoring practice, and ML has extensive experience of  Jungian psychotherapy, reflective practice, staff support and supervision groups.
 Our passion for the arts and health springs from our community arts and art education background as well as therapeutic ones, and been developed alongside many partners.
We have delivered arts projects to change health environments, trained artists to work safely in health, continued to make our own art work, organized national conferences, mounted exhibitions, run brief and more extended trainings and introductions to art therapy, and published papers and books. You will find details of all of these activities, including resources and feedback, through the links, or explore from the menu.
Few people have worked in this field so consistently or for so long. For 12 years we have been putting the arts at the service of individual and community resilience and well-being, and using our skills and knowledge to make a living, We strive to make our work psychologically, emotionally and creatively informed, and help others to do so. The combination can be life-changing, and has been for more than a few of the hundreds of clients and students we have been working with for over ten years. 
We hope you find the site and its resources enjoyable, informative and helpful, Insider Art regularly work with other groups and experts to provide services, projects, therapy and trainings. If we can’t help personally, we have a wide range of associates who often can, often via Insider Art. We work mainly in the South West of England, can and do travel nationally.
Talk to us: We’re open to ideas, opportunities and questions and will try to offer some friendly free advice on the phone initially. Extended course applicants and people who want to work with us individually are invited to a free exploratory initial meeting to assess if and how we can help.
Initial contact: info@insiderart.org.uk
Quote of the Moment
‘If artists, rather than scientists, wrote diagnostic manuals of mental disorder…one might see ‘disorders’ like ‘Pathologically Middle of the Road Personality Disorder’ or ‘ Emotional Blandness’; ‘Insufficient Fantasy Life’, ‘Arts Aversion’, ‘Reality Obsession’, or ‘Aspiritual Personality’’. ‘Personality as Art’, Peter Chadwick,  PCCS Books, Ross-on-Wye,  2001, p99.


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