Welcome to Insider Art (Ltd)

Welcome to the new site.

It was time for a new look and new material, - and the look of the old site had been 'borrowed' rather a lot, So here's a whole new look and a more expandable site.

If you've been before, everything is still here: Course details, events, resources, artwork........

There's new stuff too, like the blog. It's intended to bring comprehensibility to the complexity of the arts, psychology and society. Well, we can try.

If you haven't been before, then enjoy looking around. We hope there's something interesting or useful; here for anyone interested in the arts and in mental health and wellbeing. The site is a work in progress - and probably always will be. The nice people at Icongraphy have done a splendid job for us, and we'll be updating and adding things regularly.

If you borrow anything from this site, all that we ask is that you credit it to insiderart.org.uk