Welcome to Insider Art (Ltd)

Welcome to the site.

Enjoy looking around this site. We hope there's something interesting or useful; here for anyone interested in the arts and in mental health and wellbeing. The site is a work in progress - and probably always will be.

Specifically, you'll find details of Art in Mental Health: A Foundation Course in Art Therapy starting soon in Exeter on this flier. This PDF is easily printable and e-mailable, so if you would like to help us spread the word about art and mental health, please do.

When people ask 'What Next?' at the end of one of our courses, if the questioners' intention is to work with people better, we often suggest the group work course offered by  Group Analysis SouthWest. Here is the flier for their course, and a link to their website. Highly recommended.


If you borrow anything from this site, all that we ask is that you credit it to insiderart.org.uk