Welcome to Insider Art (Ltd)

Welcome to the site.

Enjoy looking around this site. We hope there's something interesting or useful; here for anyone interested in the arts and in mental health and wellbeing. The site is a work in progress - and probably always will be.

Art and Mental Health Course: It is clearly not viable to run this course this autumn. We are actively exploring options for January, which might include smaller group sizes, less in person attendance, and aspects of the course that can be taught remotely being done in that way. Apologies for the uncertainty: we live in uncertain times. Tolerating 'not knowing' is an important and inherent part of creative processes, and since this is something we look at in some depth on the course, we endeavour to look on the current situation as good practice!

If you borrow anything from this site, all that we ask is that you credit it to insiderart.org.uk