Blazing Tales: 'the river exe-pedition

Insider Art are delighted to announce the publication of their fourth book:

Blazing Tales: the river exe-pedition by Sara Hurley. ‘The river exe-pedition’ a combined arts project with mixed-heritage families in Devon is a handbook, a story and education about belonging, and the arts as educators of the heart. It is thought-provoking being both pragmatic and about much more than it seems on first glance. It is action-provoking showing how good informed arts practice can help people from mixed race families live better together in a complex world. The book combines thorough thinking and sensitive practice with straight-forward and clearly presented evaluation. In this creative book, Hurley explores the ways in which place and space shape our sense of self and belonging through a focus on the overlooked experience of racial mixing and mixedness in rural Britain. Drawing on a fascinating and eclectic combined arts project undertaken with mixed racial families in Devon, Blazing Tales takes a fresh and challenging look at what it means to be – and be seen to be - part of a mixed race family beyond the British city.

Key words: mixed race; mixed heritage; rural Britain; combined arts; third culture kids; arts and health.

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Description: Perfect-bound Paperback. Copyright: Sara Hurley

Publisher: Insider Art Ltd PO Box 272, Exeter. EX2 9ZL. UK

Retail Price: £16.50

ISBN: 9780955340055

Dimensions: 204 Pages black & white. 15.6cm wide x 23.39cm tall. Weight 0.35 kg


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A Jungian Circumambulation of Art & Therapy: Ornithology for the Birds

By Michael Edwards (Edited by M Learmonth & K Huckvale)

Originator, innovator, activist and educator, Emeritus Professor Michael Edwards was central to the international evolution of art therapy. These previously unpublished papers are the most substantial written record of his thinking. Highly praised by leading figures in art psychotherapy, Professor Shaun McNiff wrote ‘…the ideas have wings that carry the reader inside to the marrow of art... The book will appeal to artists looking for a threshold into the arts in therapy’. Rejection of reductionism and fundamentalism made Edwards a champion of soul, a challenger of simple mindedness. Widely honoured as an art therapist, educator, supervisor and Jungian analyst this book appropriately reflects Edwards achievements. The humour, wisdom and idiosyncrasy of the writer has been preserved in the careful editing by Learmonth & Huckvale of these transcribed talks. The book is beautifully illustrated with some of Edward’s favourite artworks, the ‘Talepieces’ from Thomas Bewick’s Birds.

Retail price: £20.00

ISBN: 978-0-9553400-3-1

Keywords: Jung, art therapy, psychotherapy, psychology, archetypes

Dimensions: 6.14" x 9.21", perfect binding, white interior paper, black and white interior ink, white exterior paper, full-colour exterior ink. 290 pages.

Copyright Year: © 2010

Language: English

Country: United Kingdom

Publisher: Insider Art. PO Box 272. Exeter. EX2 9ZL


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In this book art psychotherapist Joolz McLay offers a courageous personal exploration of the contained forces of Eros that often underlie effective therapeutic relationship and healing. Its’ honesty about the therapists response to the person in the room refreshingly embraces what most ‘case studies’ leave out.

‘This enchanting book vividly conveys the gift of art psychotherapy when, on those rare and profoundly moving occasions, two people meet, touch deeply, and then move on. Both are changed by the experience. Illustrated with pictures and illuminated by myth, it offers insight into an intimate and life enhancing journey. A delightful and compelling read.’

Professor Joy Schaverien PhD, Jungian Analyst, Visiting Professor at the Northern Programme for Art Psychotherapy, author of ‘The Revealing Image’.

‘Clearly and sincerely written (with)… real courage and honesty’

David Maclagan, artist, art psychotherapist, author of ‘Creation Myths and ‘Psychological Aesthetics: Painting, Feeling and Making Sense’.

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ISBN 978-0-9553400-2-4

Keywords: Adolescence, art therapy, reflective practice, Eros.

Dimensions: 5.75”x 8.20”, perfect binding, white interior paper, black and white interior ink, two interior full-colour plates, white exterior paper, full-colour exterior ink. 140 pages.

Copyright Year: © 2008

Language: English

Country: United Kingdom

Publisher: Insider Art. PO Box 272. Exeter. EX2 9ZL


Insider Art are pleased to announce the publication and launch of a book of paintings, The Untamed Sea by outsider artist Ronald Q Henriques.

Description: Paintings by Outsider Artist Ronald Henriques

Publisher: Insider Art Ltd. PO Box 272, Exeter. EX2 9ZL. UK

Copyright Year: © 2012

Dimensions: 8.5" x 8.5", perfect binding , 42 pages full colour.

ISBN: 978-0-9553400-4-8

Retail price: £12.50

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Excerpt from the book:

Ronald moved with his family to Kenn just outside Exeter in 1972, then spent a long time at Digby hospital which he describes as having been a frightening and disturbing experience.

Ronald says about his work:

‘My first serious art piece was while I was in an asylum. It was a way of getting out of the hospital rather like climbing a high brick wall. I started painting in the 1980’s, when I was going through a hard time, and because of this the paintings of that time are particularly vivid. My original paintings depicted a combination of thoughts and experiences. They are quite varied – there is a theme that occurs that I’m trying to trace, sometimes subjects recur, maybe from artificial landscapes. My later paintings are more decorative and skilled as an intention.

Over recent years Ronald’s work has been exhibited at several venues in Exeter including The Phoenix Bar and at the Exeter Arts and Therapies conferences - with support from Insider Art - and also at Gallery 36 – established by his cousin Veronica on moving to Exeter.

Ronald now lives in Exeter and has a studio at EVA Studios, an artist’s co-operative in Alphington.

Malcolm Learmonth met Ronald Henriques nearly 15 years ago in his professional capacity as an art therapist in Devon Partnership NHS Trust. Ronald was a long term user of mental health services in and around Exeter. Malcolm felt that the paintings were so central to Ronald's life that nurturing his artist identity was likely to be more helpful than therapy.

Malcolm has regularly visited Ronald, talked about painting with him, helped to organise shows of his work, and studio space for him, projects wholeheartedly supported by Ronald's family and many people in Devon Partnership NHS Trusts Recovery and Independent Living service,





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