Mentoring & Coaching

Insider Art offer mentoring and coaching to help meet a range of needs. These include practical advice and support for:

  • Artists and Arts & Health practitioners setting up their own courses in a variety of settings.
  • Therapists and counsellors wanting to set up or extend their therapeutic practice.
  • Teachers developing arts based pastoral care programmes.
  • Individuals organising arts, health and wellbeing exhibitions, conferences and outreach programmes.
  • Developing safe and ethical working practices, and understanding of different perceptions of risk around arts based activities.
  • How to evaluate of arts based interventions.

We work with artists, designers and craftspeople as well as psychologists, nurses, doctors, social workers, arts therapists, playworkers, teachers, careworkers, voluntary sector workers and many others.

Some people have a very specific issues they want help with while others are wanting to think broadly about a range of issues involved in a project or venture.

Mentoring is usually arranged as a single, hour long, face to face session with email contact before and after. Coaching tends to involve several face to face sessions on a more regular basis to help and support getting a 'project' up and running and then reflect on how the 'project' is developing. Both are arranged by negotiation to suit the individuals particular needs.


  • For mentoring sessions we send a list of questions to respond to (by email) before the session. The questions help to focus and prioritise aspects of the support required. By providing a range of information beforehand the session time is maximised by being able to focus on practical support and problem solving rather than on information giving.
  • A mentoring session generally ends with a clear set of tasks and priorities in order to progress the overall plan. Additional specific information, contacts, theoretical papers, templates etc, as relevant, is sent by email following the session,.
  • Documents: plans, letters, proposals etc may then be sent for comment/ edit following the session.
  • A further appointment can be made if and when the individual feels it would be helpful.


  • Coaching sessions follow a broadly similar pattern to mentoring but provide more regular support and more opportunity for reflection on how a 'project' is developing.


Mentoring £50.00 per session.

Coaching £135 for three sessions, £200 for five sessions.

Please contact us for more information.