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Sarah Coggrove

This is a 3 page document: "Mariposa" Sarah is an artist who has experienced eating difficulties.


Sarah Gatter

This is a 4 page document: "From The Inside Out" Sarah is an artist and ceramicist.


Manya McMahon

This is a 6 page document: "These Photos are Rubbish." Manya is an artist and photographer.


Kirk Stacey

This is a 7 page document: "Harry, me and OCD" Kirk is an artist and sufferer of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


Tiffany Care

This is a 9 page document: "About Bullying" Tiffany is an art psychotherapist.


Marilyn Miller

This is a 7 page document. Marilyn is an artist and art therapist.


Veronica Gosling

This is a 5 page document. Veronica is an artist who paints and creates sculpture from found objects.


Caroline Bruce

This is a 6 page document. Caroline is an artist who has found her art work to be highly therapeutic.



This is a 3 page document. Tati is a ceramic sculptor who runs workshops.



This is a 3 page document. Diana is an art psychotherapist and printmaker working with young people.