Course Feedback

Insider Art evaluate all the course and workshops we offer on an ongoing basis, and the courses evolve as a consequence. The examples below are from three different courses:

  • Arts& Health for Participatory Visual Arts,
  • Art in Mental Health a Foundatiuon course in Art Therapy
  • Sand Tray Therapy: an Introductory course.

Arts & Health for Participatory Visual Arts 2007/08

What participants said about the course:

‘I found the course extremely useful: group dynamics can be complicated and have an impact on groups. It’s been good to explore this by being IN a group alongside running a group.’

‘I have found a better understanding of how to run groups, most useful. The course was well taught and well structured.’

‘Understanding how to structure groups and use boundaries has been so helpful.’

‘The opportunity for peer support, for reflection and for supervision was great.’

‘I’ve gained an understanding of the impact and importance of the creative process in relation to emotions – a valuable learning experience.’

‘I now have more confidence in myself as a facilitator.’

‘The mix of theory and practical was excellent.’

‘I’ve got a much clearer understanding of what I actually do, why I do it and why it works, which is so helpful in developing my practice because I can explain it properly now – brilliant!’

‘I’m so pleased I did the writing – it really was relevant and good to do. The lunches were great as well!

Arts & Health for Participatory Visual Arts 2006/07

What participants said about the course:

It was well planned and structured: a good balance between theory and experiential work.

There was a great deal of opportunity to think about issues in depth and discuss reactions, thoughts and experiences in detail with others

The group activities and art games have really influenced and informed my arts and health practice.

I’ve gained confidence and feel much better equipped to work in health settings with the knowledge I’ve gained.

Really rich content. I felt I was offered enough to inform work in health contexts without stepping into unqualified psychological work – a fine balance.

A brilliant course, really interesting.

A lovely setting, well organised and good food!

What participants found most useful:

The background of emotional health and ways of working with groups.

I’ve found the art games and the discussions on relationships and attachment, bereavement and loss most useful.

The practical art making exercises.

I’ll take away more understanding of what it feels like to be a participant, acknowledging how I feel when participating and understanding that everyone comes to an activity with very different preconceptions and emotions.

I have a deeper understanding of the psychological and emotional implications of art making.

The handouts, notes about sessions and photographs of group work.

I have more awareness of safe practice and my responsibilities.

I’ve developed a much deeper understanding of the power of art making and a more positive relationship with it on a personal level.

The comments below are all from the 2007/08 ‘Art in Mental Health’ A Foundation Course in Art Therapy.

‘The course is fascinating and enlightening.’

‘I surprised myself with my own artistic ability.’

‘It’s been a huge learning curve. I can honestly say I have loved every session – even the really challenging ones.’

‘I’ve learnt loads!’

‘The course has begun to help me to get over my self consciousness in art making and I’m much more enthusiastic about “having a go”.’

‘It’s been really useful to see the processes and experiences clients go through in their lives and art and to learn about my own processes and art.’

‘The teaching and the speakers are excellent.’

‘I particularly appreciated and learnt from the clear explanations supported by visual reference.’

‘It all really starts you thinking about ART. It’s just so interesting I’ve learnt so much.'

‘I wasn’t sure about doing the essay but I’m glad I did, it helped make sense of things.’

‘The workshops were just brilliant and thank you for all the biscuits!’

The comments below are from previous years of ‘Art in Mental Health’ A Foundation Course in Art Therapy.

‘The Course was at exactly the right level: challenging in many ways but thankfully it didn’t go over my head’

‘The case presentations were fascinating.. this course really helped to ‘demystify’ Art Therapy’.

‘The course was a real eye opener…I’d recommend this course to anyone who would like to explore the possibilities of art in health’

‘I’ve found the course very valuable and have gained useful insights into psychotherapy and using art for healing, and I think I’ve learnt theories which will help in my future career’.

‘I found this course extremely helpful useful and very interesting. I’ve learnt a huge amount. Very helpful in my working environment and for my own self development’

‘It kept me interested all the way through: it was challenging and thought provoking without being overwhelming’

‘I loved the workshop days: so much so that once a week- every Saturday would have been very agreeable to me’.

‘It opened my eyes to lots of new ways of looking at art and people and the relationship between them- and everything else’

‘The workshops stimulated me creatively’

‘Not coming from an arts background, but from introducing creative activities to mental health patients it allowed me a more in depth understanding of the art therapy processes’

‘Fantastic course- I really think it will take a couple of years to absorb it all! It was over too soon!’

'I had a huge sense of relief about the attitudes to art’

‘The mix of individuals in the group has been helpful and supportive. Such diversity of experience: so much to learn from’

‘I got a validation of the inner and personal work I am doing right now’

‘I feel recognised and strengthened by what I’ve heard’

‘Very liberating’

‘The enthusiasm from both facilitators and students has been encouraging. A really positive experience’


Sand Tray Therapy: an Introductory course. Feedback from 2008

'Absolutely brilliant - it was so inspirational and exciting'

'I really enjoyed the different perspectives presented during this course, e.g. the development of sandplay as well as art and drama therapy'

'Great teaching style -inclusive and relaxed.'

'This has been very relevant to my work in learning difficulties and childrens services.'

'I loved it and would attend more training if it's on offer.'

'My practice with my clients is deeper and more nuanced, to meet them where they are at, as a direct result of this course.'

'Really informative, very reassuring and confidence building.'

'Pace of the days was good. I enjoyed the balance of the programme. Good background information'

'The work on Jung and archetypes most useful as I now have a deeper sense of the intrinsic work that takes place in the sand tray - and in narrative work.'

'It was very reflective , thought provoking and stimulating of new ideas and ways of working.'

'Extremely helpful - I felt the tutors were genuinely interested in our questions etc.'

'I'd really like second course - where we could go deeper and spend more time on case studies.'

'Nice people, great venue, great food, good handouts.'

'An excellent 3 days - well worth the money!'